Saturday, May 2, 2009

We want to hear from you !

I have been thinking a lot lately about the 5 years since I had my first child. I have always eaten a healthy diet but my real "organic" education started when I was pregnant. In the five years since I have, over time, incorporated more and more organic food into our families diet and now buy it
( almost) exclusively. If I can't buy organic then I try to get local produce, that hasn't been sprayed with crazy chemicals to ripen it on its 3,000 mile trip to get to my grocery store.
My next step was starting to purchase organic bedding and clothing for my family..... this is what sits against our skin every day. Our POURUS skin. It takes about 1/3 pound of chemicals to make a conventional t-shirt....yuck!! There are so many amazing organic and eco-friendly clothing and bedding designers out there right now that shopping for these items is a great experience. We get really excited here at when we find new, beautiful, safe products to share with you!
We would love to hear your stories/opinions on "going green", buying organic. Was it a long process? Did you jump in with both feet? Did it take the birth of a child, like me, to really motivate you? What do you consider most important to buy organic? Any tips for those just starting to buy organic products?
Send us your stories and be sure to include your first name and city so we can share with other friends.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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