Monday, March 9, 2009

East vs. West

So, I know you are used to hearing from Ashley, but I have way too much to say to sit "behind the scenes" any longer. I hope you enjoy!

Even though I'm not from the East, I spent the past week on the Westcoast and I have to say, I definately noticed something...the focus on green and organic living was way stronger there than I've noticed elsewhere. Now, I have to add my disclaimers in: I was in a very affluent area and surrounded by mostly "new" moms with their firstborns. So the time, effort and financial resources avaialble to them are greater than those perhaps availble to "middle-income" America.
And one thing about affluent Moms - they love to be the first to find the next best thing, and they love to dress their kids in the latest fashions (this is a generalization, of course). And since organic is still considered the "new" thing to most, it was great to see all of these cute babies and toddlers being fashionable, comfortable, and best of all-green!
The great thing for me is seeing the general movement towards raising eco friendly and green-thinking kids. People are finally starting to see the benefits and therefore are really excited about teaching their children how to live long, healthy lives in a cleaner world.
Well, off to promote green living...until next time!

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