Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi Everyone! It has been a very busy few weeks with the Holiday season in full swing. I just love this time of year :))

In the spirit of giving and raising children to understand the importance of giving to others I wanted to tell you about an amazing company I recently learned about - ECHOage. I think this is such a brilliant idea I had to pass it on. ECHOage is an online party invitation website that teaches children the importance of giving. It works like this:

You choose an invitation for your child's party. Then you choose a cause ( they have several both Canadian and US). You then choose a dollar amount for the invitees to "purchase" in lieu of a birthday gift (say, $20). All the money is pooled and half is given to the chosen charity and the other half goes to buy one meaningful gift for the birthday child.

I will absolutely be doing this for Ava's 5th birthday!

Check out their website http://www.echoage.com/ for more details.


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