Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Certified Organic Clothing for Baby?

Although it seems there are plenty of "organic" clothes for your baby in the current retail stores, many of them are misleading and are not made with the health and safety of your child as a priority. It is important when purchasing organic clothes for your baby, that you can trust the manufacturer and the integrity of their commitment to the safety and comfort of your baby. Many conventional clothing items (especially night time clothing) have been treated with harsh, toxic chemicals to make the clothing flame resistant. Clothing is so important, because it touches your baby’s skin most of the day. Considering the skin is the largest organ in human body, it’s important to keep it protected.

Did you know that approximately 1/3 pound of chemicals go into the production of one conventional tee shirt?!

100% organic fabric is made without any harmful chemicals and pesticides. It is also not bleached by the conventional chlorine bleach process which leaves a harmful chemical residue, dioxide. Organic fabric is also dyed using natural resources, not traditional chemical dyes. Many of these harmful chemicals are not talked about or even disclaimed to the consumer or the government.

Organic cotton is not only safer it is proven to be softer and gentler on your baby’s skin. Try to buy clothes that are Certified 100% Organic Cotton – this way you’ll ensure you’re not buying a blend of traditionally grown cotton and organic cotton. This would defeat the purpose of purchasing organic products.

Give your baby the best and don’t compromise because of cheaper prices or marketing ploys. Research and ask questions about the clothing you’re buying. Even "organic" products can be manufactured in sweatshops. Make sure the organic clothing you buy is both grown and manufactured responsibly, using fair trade practices.

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